Mr Richard Arthur Burns, age 55

Summary Information

224 Langford Valley Way. Cary, NC. 27513-2823

Birthday: 10/1964,55 years old

9193492884 (Wireless)
SunCom dba T-Mobile USA

Also known as:Richard Burns, Richard Arthur Burns, Richard O. Burns, Mr Richard A. Burns, Richard D. Burns, Riachard Burns

Phones History

9193492884 (Oct, 2010 - Wireless)
SunCom dba T-Mobile USA

9194936219 (Nov, 2007 - LandLine/Services)
Frontier Communications of the Carolinas Inc - NC

Family members

Family:Catherine F. King, 47 years old
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Family:Francesca R. Burns, 82 years old
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Family:Lisa M. Weber, 58 years old
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Family:Matthew O. Burns, 56 years old
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Family:Megan C. Burns, 53 years old
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Family:Alice B. Weber, 86 years old
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Family:Americo Acevedo, 50 years old
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John Brain Carson, 52 years old
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Elena D. Thomas, 36 years old
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Russell T. Coleman, 54 years old
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Boon B. Saelim, 49 years old
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Charles J. Durham, 56 years old
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Addresses History

224 Langford Valley Way
Cary, NC. 27513-2823 (Jan, 2017)

224 Langford Valley Way
Wade, NC (Sep, 2010)

2434 Preston Grove Ave
Cary, NC. 27513-8405 (Oct, 2015)

1512 Country Ln
Durham, NC. 27713-6450 (Oct, 2010)

2123 Barrington Manor Dr, 207 APT
Raleigh, NC. 27612-3408 (Sep, 2004)

224 Langford
Cary, NC. 27513 (Jul, 2013)

224 Langford Valley Way, WA #
Cary, NC. 27513-2823 (Nov, 2010)