Roger M. Billings, age 56

Summary Information

35 Falling Star Ct. Spring, TX. 77381-2673

Birthday: 08/05/1964,56 years old

♌ Leo (Zodiac signs)

2813674810 (LandLine/Services)
Southwestern Bell Telephone

Also known as:Tori K. Gee, Tori Billings, Ton Billings, Tori K. Mcgee, Tor Billings, Tori Billings Mcgee, Todr Billings, Torl Billings, Tori Mcgee Billings, T Billings, Ms Tori K. Billings, Roger M. Billings, Roger Billings, Tori Gee, Tori Billing, Roger Mckee Billings, R Billings

Phones History

2813674810 (Jul, 2003 - LandLine/Services)
Southwestern Bell Telephone

9363212651 (Oct, 2016 - LandLine/Services)
Consolidated Communications of Texas Company

2813634810 (Jun, 2014 - LandLine/Services)
Southwestern Bell Telephone

3036819304 (Aug, 2003 - LandLine/Services)
Qwest Corporation

2816819304 (Mar, 2016 - LandLine/Services)
Southwestern Bell Telephone

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Family members

Spouse:Roger M. Billings, 62 years old

Family:Kieran P. Billings, 28 years old
Leo zodiac signs

Family:Sheri Renee Neckar, 61 years old
Capricorn zodiac signs

Family:Tudor I. Billings, 31 years old
Gemini zodiac signs

Family:Angela B. Little, 57 years old
Aquarius zodiac signs

Family:Betty L. Smith, 85 years old
Aquarius zodiac signs

Family:Charles E. Billings, 83 years old


Zoe N. Neckar, 29 years old

Angela C. Hunsaker, 58 years old

Carolyn M. Killgore, 73 years old

Edwin J. Bomer, 61 years old

Gloria J. Lush, 74 years old

Graham Phillips, 53 years old

Joseph D. Killgore, 73 years old

Addresses History

35 Falling Star Ct
Spring, TX. 77381-2673 (Jul, 2017)

35 Falling Star Ct
The Woodlands, TX. 77381-2673 (Jan, 2016)

10537 Day Trail Ln
Spring, TX. 77379-8278 (Oct, 2014)

6523 Preston Trail Dr
Houston, TX. 77069-1778 (Jul, 2013)

35 Falling Star Ct
Montgomery, TX (Feb, 2003)

8328 Bannock Rd
Larkspur, CO. 80118-8427 (Mar, 2011)

7504 124thNE Ave
Kirkland, WA. 98033-8227 (Nov, 2007)